Saturday, March 3, 2012

One Girl. One Cow. One Act.

Act 1.
Curtains open.

Chloe: Stands on the outside table next to fence, eating chocolate slice.

Cow: Looks longingly at chocolate slice.

Chloe: Looks at cow.

Cow: Ambles over to fence, licking lips.

Chloe: Looks at cow. Looks at chocolate slice. Holds out slice to cow.

Cow: Licks lips, eats chocolate slice.

Chloe: Looks at empty hand, smeared with chocolate icing.

Cow: Walks away.

Chloe: Smiling happily, “She ate it, Mum!””

Curtains close.

End of Act 1.

~Based on a true story~  (When I should have been doing my Tafe)

Sorry to make you read that, folks.  It was fun, though!  ;)


  1. Awww! I love it! That's so cute, I can definitely see Chloe doing that. :D I never thought of relating incidences like that in screenwritten form. Great idea! :D