Friday, January 20, 2012

~The Bush Dance~


i know. i should have done this ages ago.  and i've had (quite) a few hints from (quite) a few
people -you know who you are. ;) 
but i have been busy!  i started a new job at the start of november, my grandparents and
my dear friend Jasmine and her brother Jacob came down
for my birthday bush dance, tafe never stops and on top of all that, i was flat out with work
over Christmas!  so not much time for a proper post.  am i forgiven?

anyway, i have finally gotten myself together, and  i am determined to post this tonight.
 so, here goes...


1. seriously fun and
2. highly addictive.

 on the 18th of november we had a bush dance.  (if you've never been to one, then go to one.)
we went to the hall nice and early to decorate in purple and lime green.
James blew up all the balloons with the air compressor so well that quite a few popped and nearly burst our eardrums in the near-empty hall.
Jacob risked his neck on the huge ladder to hang up the streamers while Jas and i told him where to hang them and don't you dare fall off that ladder.  so while the boys were doing the heavy-duty work, we girls put up the birthday banners, balloons and other streamers.  after all the decorating was done,
we raced home to get ready, grab the food and drinks and raced back to beat the guests.

Jas & I
well, they started arriving, and so did our awesome caller, Clinton.  at about 7pm the dancing started.  i was so pleased that everyone danced!  i was afraid that because quite a few people had never done BD before, they might not give it a go.  but they all did!  :D  i'm pretty sure they all had fun.  i hope so.  it was loads of fun -as you have probably guessed- and we all burned heaps of calories. :) 

everyone dancing

I went to my first BD in october. i was hooked, and immediately decided that we needed to have one.  so we did. then a friend turned eighteen in december, so her family
had a surprise BD for her after Christmas. FUN!!!
then another friend had so much fun at mine that she has decided to have one for her birthday next month. (!!!) and NOW our home school group is having one in april! *sigh*  bush dances all over the place. 

how do you like the huge cake?

Thank you to Jasmine for all the photos!  :)
I didn't get any... positively shameful, isn't it?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

My little bro...

turned 17 today.


have an awesome day! :)