Thursday, February 17, 2011

never a dull moment...

Hello all!
Well, it has been a busy week,
as we started school work on Tuesday.
I am really enjoying my work this year.
but the knowledge that it is my last
'official' year is nice as well. :)
I am hoping to do certificate 3 in
Business Administration
via Tafe this year.
I received the enrolment
application forms today.
Something rather dreadful has happened,
in a rather funny way.
Amy has broken her nose.
Not that it is funny,
but HOW did she do it?
Well, it appears that Amy
did some exploring in her sleep
and fell off her bunk and hit
the deck flat on her face!
Blood everywhere.
No photos.
She also had the HUGEST
blood blister on her finger,
and we have no idea how she got it.
Amy seems to have knocked
herself out when she fell,
as she has no recollection of any of it.
Dad straightened her nose,
and Amy didn't feel it!
Anyway, Amy is feeling fine
-but looks like a boxer-
but she is disappointed that
she won't be able to go to
Highland dancing tomorrow!
We have really been looking forward to it,
but we will miss two lessons as we
are going on a holiday down the east coast
in a weeks time.
I hope the weather is good!
Guess what!
Sons of Korah are coming to Burnie!
Very excited, as I have been wanting to go
to one of their concerts for ages! :)
Well, bye for now!


  1. My goodness! Poor Amy! How funny though that she didn't know it happened! Wow...
    By the way, LOVE the new background! It's gorgeous!! =D

  2. Thanks! I really like this one,
    but you know me, always changing!