Friday, January 28, 2011

My very dear friend Jasmine
and her brother Jacob
came down for a visit! ~The plane~

We had so much fun together!
Jas taught us 'Actionary'
(Pictionary but with actions)
and 'Stomps'.
It hurts.
A lot.

~Emma and I waiting expectantly~

Jas and I went into Ulverstone to wander around
the shops together.
We were very good, and didn't spend all
our money at the bookshop
or that lovely gift shop.
But we did visit the toffee shop.
I now have a new appreciation for the saying
"Like a kid in a candy shop".
A beautiful,
place to go.

Nummy fudge...


We scrap booked.

~They're here!~

Watched movies.

~Jas an' me!~


~Pretty Jas~

Talked. We do not know them.~

And played the piano.

~The boys working~

Jacob went to work with James and Dad.
James really enjoyed Jacob's company,
and they got on really well.
It must be good having big sisters who write
to random people.

~Dad and Jacob~

So, we had an awesome time together,
and we are eagerly awaiting the next visit!
And today has been a bit flat.
I guess that is normal.

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  1. Awwwww Becky I love your post!! And all the photos!! And all your writing!! I miss you sooooo much! Can't wait till April!! =D