Tuesday, January 18, 2011

~the campout~

It is James' 16th birthday tomorrow,
so we had a camp out last weekend
with his friends.
The boys camped down the back
in the pine trees,
and the girls camped in the yard.

~The boys~

~Katie and Hannah~

~The girls' campsite~

On Sunday afternoon we pulled out
the black tarp.

Water slide time!



~Amazing facial expression from Emma
and action from the Dads!~

We all had a lovely time together!
The girls claim to have only slept four hours
on Saturday night,
while the adults didn't get to bed til the early
hours of the morning.
We had an awesome time playing Apples to Apples,
Articulate! and Dutch Blitz.

1 comment:

  1. Hi bek,
    Hope you are all well. Love the photo's looks like you all had a really good time on James's Birthday.Hope it's not to wet down there.
    Love the Parker Familyxoxoxxo