Saturday, November 6, 2010

Get Reel'n!

It was so much fun! We weren't nervous at all, and we can't wait till next year!

We had to be at the theatre by 2.30 to have a run-through before the concert so
we knew where to go on and off, where to stand on the stage, etc. But the front row was
too far back on the stage, so in the fling I nearly slipped on the curtain a few times!
Hopefully no one noticed. :} ( I think that most of the girls in my row had the same problem!)
Just before the fling Amy's shirt became un-tucked, so she had to undo a few buckles
on her kilt to tuck it back in. But then she couldn't do it up again! Meanwhile I had scratched
my face and ran to a dressing room to make sure I wasn't bleeding, and then two dancers said
that they had gotten into the wrong costume so they would be too late to dance. I got on stage
and had to tell everyone to move up to fill up their spaces, so I didn't notice that Amy was missing! Anyway, she slid into place just before the music started and set the audience laughing!
It was so much fun, and no one made any major mistakes!

Here are a few backstage photos. They aren't very good because I couldn't actually see
very well in the dark! The pic below shows our teacher trying to get the girls to pose
for the picture in true Highland Style.

Katie Pie.

The Dickers and Dodwell girls. ( They call themselves "The D+D Girls Play Production".
They put together concerts for the adults sometimes. There is one in the making
now, and I hope they give me some notice because they usually volunteer me to
play the piano. I don't think that they know that I need some notice...)


Backstage fun. :) Actually, when we weren't on stage in the first half we had to stay in the
dressing room to keep out of the way. There were so many people in a very small area.
In the second half we were allowed to find a seat and watch the show.
This pic was taken before the concert.

Sorry, no action pictures. The audience weren't allowed to take photos,
and I couldn't while I was dancing!
(Terrible, isn't it? No photos while I'm dancing?)

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