Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dancing and Blitzing

The concert is on Saturday! We are all have our kilts, shirts, vests and socks,
and everyone except me is happy with them. I have a red kilt and... a GREEN VEST!!!
I feel decidedly like a Christmas tree when I wear it! :}

I was the only one in the family who didn't have matching socks,
and our teacher said to buy some footy socks in navy blue.
So off we went to the sports shop to buy socks. Well, the first pair had cream feet, so Mum
said that she could dye them navy blue. But... they came out the wash a pale blue and there was enough dye to dye a dress! No good. So we bought another pair, this time with black feet... and no dye needed. But... Mum forgot that the washing machine was hooked up to the hot water because of the dye, so... they came out of the wash shrunken. Badly. So. Off we went again to see our now-well-known-friend at the sports shop. This time we didn't dye them and we didn't
wash them. My footy-now-turned-highland socks are safe in my room awaiting Saturday.
And if you are wondering what fate awaits the other socks, Amy now has a two-toned pair of
bed socks, and Emma has some very long and very skinny above-the-knee leg warmers.


Mum recently discovered the card game Dutch Blitz. It is a great game that we all love!
You have three cards in front of you (called your Post Piles), a pile with ten cards to your right
(called your Blitz Pile) and a the remaining cards in a pile in your hand face down ( called your Wood Pile). The object of the game is to be the first to get rid of your Blitz Pile. Everyone has to build up the piles in the middle with whatever cards are able to be used. You do not take turns- just slam down as many cards as you can. A great game- Dad, Beth and Amy have been playing it for ages! Not a very social game because everyone is concentrating, and a leeettle bit barbaric. Warning: This game is highly addictive!

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