Wednesday, September 22, 2010

At long last...

Well, it has taken me awhile to get this post together! Too many photos,
like usual. :) Well, on Tuesday we went to the 'Don River Railway' and
had a ride on an old train. It was a bit disappointing that our half hour
ride was 15 minutes waiting while people walked on the beach!
We weren't told that there was time to do that, so we sat in our seats
wondering what was happening! Anyway, we got some nice photos. :)

On the Wednesday we went the Gunns Plains Caves. It was very interesting,
even though I have been there before. :) My favourite is the 'Wedding Cake'.
I (unfortunately) didn't get many nice pics. Only this passable one of the 'Wedding Cake'.

On Friday we went to Cataract Gorge at Launceston. We went for a
nice long walk and had a ride on the chairlift. I got lots of photos.

Waiting for the chairlift.

I liked this shelter, so I photographed it. :)

We went to Tasmazia last Saturday, before Aunty Lea, Uncle Dan and the kids
left to go back to Melbourne. We had a great time running around the mazes
looking at the cute houses in the 'Village of Lower Crackpot'. There are heaps of signs
throughout the 'Great Maze', and some of them are quite funny.
The unlucky witch.
Beth was feeling quite old...

The Crackpot Correction Centre

Now where have the rotten tomatoes gone?

At the 'Brats Galore Boot Camp'.

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