Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We had snow today!

Today started out as a beautiful day- true, it was cold, but lovely and sunny.
Then the sun left us and the sky turned overcast. Soon it started raining.
By 11.00 it was snowing! It didn't settle unfortunately, but it was pretty
to watch. I didn't get any photos because they rarely turn out.
So here is a pic that I took last time it snowed. :) Once again, not very
good, but I don't like picture-less posts. :P

Oh! I nearly forgot! We girls have started Highland dancing!
We have had 3 lessons now, and have nearly finished learning
the Highland Fling. And guess what! There is to be an End-of-Year
concert in 5 weeks, and we are going to be in it! Very exciting
because I didn't think that we could be in it since we started so late, and now
we are going to be in 2 dances! We are dancing like mad to be ready in 5 weeks.
Can't wait. :)

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