Sunday, September 12, 2010

The last few days have been busy!

Aunty Lea, Uncle Dan, Katelyn and Zac are down from Qld!
We are having a great time with them. :)

They arrived early on Saturday morning, and we went to
Sheffield to have lunch and play at the park.

Mum and Aunty Lea All the kids

Dad, Mum, Aunty Leanne and Uncle Danny

There are so many beautiful old stone houses in Sheffield!

Sheffield is 'The Town of Murals'...

"Jesus said... Come unto Me."

"The Chessboard of Life"

And on Sunday we went to Stanley and climbed the Nut.
Boy, it was steep! It was easier sprinting for a bit, then resting,
but not much could stop the burn in your legs pushing the pram up!
I got a few photos of us climbing up, but Mum and Aunty Lea
would not be very happy with me if I posted them!
I investigated a small cemetery after lunch and found this
beautiful cross...

The beautiful scenery on the way up the Nut

And the big drop

A nice pic of Dad and James ( They have matching dimples!!)

The Nut... and we climbed up that!!!

And today is Bethany's 12th birthday! We went into Penguin
to have lunch and play at the park. The weather turned bad
so we raced back home and the girls have been painting all afternoon.

Baby had fun at the park!

Happy Birthday Beth!

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  1. aw, you don't follow my blog anymore. *tears*

    Looks like great fun having your family over! I love having family visit... it's so much fun!