Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Birds fly over the rainbow...

We went to the 'Red Robin' park in Ulverstone the other day.
We had a great time on the swings... I think that
they were made for us, don't you?
Swings are the best play thing invented.

Can you see me upside down? :)

The girls and Mum had a 'camp out' in the play room
last Friday night in front of the fire. We all watched
'Seven Brides For Seven Brothers' while toasting marshmallows.
Yummy... Burnt marshmallows... want one anyone?


The girls have been playing dollies lately... the play room is
chaos. Pure chaos. Don't go in if you want to come out alive!

A baby bed

The little mamas


  1. Hello Becky! That looks like heaps of fun! I love huge swings! :D I so can't wait to come visit you!

  2. When you visit we'll have to have a big swing together! :)