Monday, August 2, 2010

A Tea Party And Doll Fair

The girls had a little Tea Party last Sunday with their dolls while Dad and Mum were

dissecting Bulls-Eye T-Bone Roast (or simply 'Calfie'). RIP.

They enjoyed themselves thoroughly while listening to 'Celtic Woman'.

Beth with the matriarch of the rag dolls, Sarah.

Laura read the girls "Queen Victoria's Underpants". A great book. Really.

The honoured guests

Katie's new dolls, Rosalie and Bud

And on Saturday we girls went to a 'Miniature Doll and Teddy' festival.

We all bought-up, some of us more than others. :)

Chloe with her new doll, Dolly.

My new Russian Doll pen, Olga. :)

A close-up of Dolly

(And my poor finger that I cut with a ...BUTTER KNIFE!!!)

Mum's cute Russian Doll pin.

A good day was had by all. :)

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