Friday, August 27, 2010

Beth Has Been Busy...

Beth delights in making little things - like this fairy
and then she raided the garden for a place for her to live
and made a garden home for her!

Beth's doll is well dressed, and she did it all by herself (even the doll)!

Now Jane is all warm for the Tassie winter!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Birds fly over the rainbow...

We went to the 'Red Robin' park in Ulverstone the other day.
We had a great time on the swings... I think that
they were made for us, don't you?
Swings are the best play thing invented.

Can you see me upside down? :)

The girls and Mum had a 'camp out' in the play room
last Friday night in front of the fire. We all watched
'Seven Brides For Seven Brothers' while toasting marshmallows.
Yummy... Burnt marshmallows... want one anyone?


The girls have been playing dollies lately... the play room is
chaos. Pure chaos. Don't go in if you want to come out alive!

A baby bed

The little mamas

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Laura's 13th Birthday!

Laura turned 13 on the 8th of this month!
She went rollerblading the day before due to the weather,
and we all had a lovely time.

Laura's birthday chocolates

The girls have been making some boats to
sail in the dam over-flow.
They come back wet, muddy and smiling (and sometimes crying
because a doll has been sent to a watery grave).

Laura went to 'Pedro's Restaurant' for her 13th,
and for dessert she chose 'Death By Chocolate'.

Sounds scrummy.

Am I making you jealous?

We got snow yesterday! It started off as a lovely day,
but by about 10:30, we had snow!!!

(Sorry that the photo isn't very good)

Baby has been helping with the windows... it is after all
mostly her mess!

Sorry that this post has been so long
in coming, I am guilty of watching
'Little Dorrit' nearly every night.
(It has 14 episodes!)

Monday, August 2, 2010

A Tea Party And Doll Fair

The girls had a little Tea Party last Sunday with their dolls while Dad and Mum were

dissecting Bulls-Eye T-Bone Roast (or simply 'Calfie'). RIP.

They enjoyed themselves thoroughly while listening to 'Celtic Woman'.

Beth with the matriarch of the rag dolls, Sarah.

Laura read the girls "Queen Victoria's Underpants". A great book. Really.

The honoured guests

Katie's new dolls, Rosalie and Bud

And on Saturday we girls went to a 'Miniature Doll and Teddy' festival.

We all bought-up, some of us more than others. :)

Chloe with her new doll, Dolly.

My new Russian Doll pen, Olga. :)

A close-up of Dolly

(And my poor finger that I cut with a ...BUTTER KNIFE!!!)

Mum's cute Russian Doll pin.

A good day was had by all. :)

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